CompactLight FEL Performance

FEL Performance

Based on user-driven scientific requirements, the CompactLight collaboration has determined the ideal wavelength range, beam structure, pulse duration, synchronisation to external laser, pulse energy, polarisation, etc., that should be achieved by an X-band-driven hard X-ray FEL. The resulting design includes also options for soft X-ray operation, external seeding schemes to produce longitudinally coherent x-ray pulses, and double pulse operation for FEL-pump FEL-probe experiments. The figure below shows the peak photon brightness targeted by CompactLight in the framework of the present short-wavelength FEL facilities.

The user requirements for CompactLight have been established by interacting with existing and potential FEL users in a variety of formats. We have distilled all of these inputs into a comprehensive photon output specifications, summarised in the following table:

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