XLS Deliverables

D1.2Data Management Plan v1.2download
 Data Management Plan v1.1download
 Data Management Plan v1.1download
D2.1Science Requirements and Performance Specificationdownload
D2.2FEL Design with Accelerator and Undulator Requirementsdownload
D3.1Preliminary Assessments and Evaluations of the Optimum e-Gun and Injector Solution for the CompactLight Designdownload
D3.2Review Report on Bunch Compression Techniques and Phase Space Linearizationdownload
D4.1Report on the Computer Code and Simulation Tools which will be used for RF Power Unit Design and Cost Optimizationdownload
D5.1Technologies for the CompactLight Undulatordownload
D6.1Computer Codes for the Facility Designdownload
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